Conferences and Retreats


MK's keynote addresses: 


Release and Renew

Diamonds in the Dust

Hope and Healing

Healing and Restoration

The Catalyst for Miracles 

University Lectures:

Peace and Reconciliation

Perception and Hidden Disabilities

Misogyny Escalates Global Health Crisis

Establishing a Posture of Confidence with Your Voice  

"At the writer's conference, hearing MKs stories, I connected emotionally.  "

Dr. Karen Starks, PhD

MK's  Itinerary :


Southeast Asia April, May 2019

Midwestern  USA June/July 2019

East Coast USA October 2019

East Coast USA  November 2019

Southeast Asia  January 2020



FOR BOOKINGS:  MK is currently taking USA bookings for speaking engagements and  setting dates for "Hope-Heal-Restore" conferences. and retreats.  She speaks nationally and internationally.  To book MK for speaking , please fill out the appropriate form on our "contact" page or click on the link below.  For questions and more information you may also use any of the forms on our "contact" page.   Thank you.


MK is available to speak at various venues such as conferences, educational institutions and retreats for corporations, associations and churches.  She keynotes and does workshops and seminars. Topics include,  but are not limited to,  self esteem, motivation, cross cultural communications  and excellence in the work place. 


She uses her public relations/communications background to draw from for career coaching and discovering ones gifts , personality types, and advancing towards one’s destiny.   MK also is an ordained minister with over 20 years of pastoral counseling.


Desire to book a Hope-Heal-Restore conference  in your city?  Fill out a form on our contact page and begin now to fulfill your God given destiny! Check out some of the various types of conferences you may host below.

Corporate Healing

Introduce spirituality, motivation and decrease conflict in your workplace.


Women's Conferences

Women carry the world on their shoulders and need special "me" time. 

Specialty Conferences

Government leaders, singles, writers, etc., talks tailored to meet your needs.