"Hearing MK's stories about children in crisis, I felt it emotionally- very powerful."                                      Dr.  Karen Starks, Transleadership         





"MK Henderson is one of the most gifted and authentic presenters you will ever hear. Having seen her speak on two different occasions, its quite evident that her passion for serving others in need is absolutely genuine.  She really knows how to deliver a powerful and compelling message guaranteed to touch and move the hearts of any audience.".   Dick Bruso

Former Chair of  National Academy of Professional Speakers

Former President of National Speakers Association Colorado







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"When you think you have no where to go, no one to turn to, and no way out, you've still got HOPE."

-Jim Stovall, Best selling author of The Season of Hope.



"MK, thank you for bringing in this conference. I am so blessed! I believe this is for me! Thank you for this because in the last few days, I have felt very much like a loser- but today, I feel I can win. Thank you! I love you ma'am." -D. Shankar


"Fear is easy.  HOPE is real" -  Seth Godin


"In spite of astronomical violence, pain and suffering in the world today, people must release HOPE and believe that HEALING is possible."


"HOPE is to the heart what seeds are to the earth. HOPE is the place of new beginnings...the springboard from which faith abounds and a force which renews our souls." -  MK Henderson